Cabinet capacitor


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Cosφ power capacitor cabinets typically include capacitors in parallel with the load , is controlled by an automatic controller via the switchgear as Contactor . Cabinet capacitor whose primary function is to improve the power factor cosφ , frequency stability , reduce idle capacity , cost savings and will reduce or not to pay a fine under the provisions of the electricity sector.


Cabinet capacitor is used for power systems using inductive loads high resistance , normal , or use the contactor to change the number of capacitor banks in operation , the process of change can be controlled by regime automatic or manual . Currently wardrobes often use second capacitor type Capacitors are dry capacitors and capacitor oil , divided into many different capacities to suit the capacity to make 10 ÷ 50 kVAR .

When operating in automatic mode , the central control unit of the cabinet will automatically recognize the amount of power required to provide compensation signal switching capacitor banks merged with the power grid , there are between 6 ÷ 14 grade , each grade will pair with 01 switchgear as Contactor .

The principle of operation of the compensation capacitor cabinet will measure the phase difference between voltage and current if it is smaller than the set value ( usually between 0.86 ÷ 0.96 ) to automatically switching capacitor until gain value as required and keep the power factor value around installation. Cabinet capacitor can place indoors or outdoors , can operate in conjunction with MSB distributive cabinets or installed independently. The controller is programmed smart offset to optimize process switching capacitor banks for the rational with the specific needs of the application , can have the following types of compensation : base compensation , compensation focus , offset distribution … Cases capacitor segment integrated communication module capable of communicating via RS232 or RS485 or monitoring , remote control .


Cabinets reactive power compensation capacitor is used in low-voltage electrical networks , application for electric system using inductive loads high resistance , it is usually installed in the technical room of the floor , technical room of the device and at the transformer station area or industrial constructions and civil as factories, industrial workshops, commercial centers , office buildings , apartment buildings , hospitals , ..


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